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Dartex S.A.

  • Dartex S.A. was founded in Valencia (Spain) in 1988 as an export and import family company specialized in the Middle East market exporting products from all over the world.

    Nowadays Dartex S.A. gives a complete and specific service for all their suppliers and customers, working as an agent for all the Middle East.

    We work in four main areas, so we have 4 different specialized departments with fully qualified staff:

    • Construction Materials.
    • Foodtuff.
    • Cleaning Items and personal care.
    • Medicine and medical supplies.

    Our company successful business in several sectors places us in a position to advise foreign investments.

    We are an up to date and dynamic company in a continue interaction in worldwide, international fairs, knowing the new tendencies and developments.

    Our company is prepared to give a personal and professional service to the importers, our services are:

    • Controlling all the operations & negotiations between the customer & the supplier.
    • Shipment control.
    • Preparation of the export documents (invoice / packing list / certificates of origin / translation...).
    • Preparation of all the business trip, meetings, accommodation & transportation.
    • Market studies & analysis.

    Our company is the official agent of a lot of Spanish companies in several sectors in the market establishing the distributors there.

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      C/ Islas Canarias 11 Bajo
      46023 Valencia (Spain)

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      Phone: +34 96 337 56 77
      FAX: +34 96 337 16 51

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